Tascam FW1884 and Edition

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Does anyone know how to use external soundcards with Edition?

I have a Tascam FW1884 firewire recording device (mixer / soundcard / midi interface / control surface) and it would be great to mix on a piece of hardware rather than using Edition's automated audio editing.

I can't seem to get past the PC's internal soundcard (Avience).

Chris Lovell
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You'll be pleased to know that this can definitely be done, unfortunately I'm not sure how as I haven't doen it. I do know that there are people who use similar devices (eg TASCAM US428) to input Audio and control mixing.

I believe it's a case of configuring the PC to use the relevant audio/midi hardware, rather than specifically configuring Edition. I think Edition uses whatever audio card is set up within Windows.

Have a search through the Edition Board Here

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Chris Lovell