USB flashstick duplicators? hardware or supplier

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client just asked me for cheap 'n easy solution for copying contents of one USB stick to 75 others.

I've found some online, eg 1-7 (£130) or 1-21 (£249) but was hoping for some CHEAP solution, or someone who could do the run cheaply. Yes, I know it's not a large amount, but thought to pick your collective brain anyway


Dave R Smith
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Hi Fuddam,

PM me on 'run cheaply' option, with details (min stick size, any printing) and what they would be paying for sticks if they did it in house.

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PM sent :)

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We had about 200 made recently , 2Gb drives.
Need to talk to the person who got them supplied for suppliers name and cost.
Should have answer on Monday.

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