verbatim disc trouble

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I have just attepted to burn a HD production on a Verbatim BD-RE disc and my LG burner won't recognize the disc and so nothing will burn on the disc from Vegas Movie Studio HD 10 platinum. When placed in a LG Blu-ray player it states it to be a disc error. I know there's nothing on the disc but surely the player should know what format the disc is. Has anyone else had a duff Verbatim BD disc. It cost me about £7 for the disc so I don't want to invest to much on this kind of Disc. I have great success in burning HD onto standard DVD discs up to 30 mins. and have had no coasters. Maybe I should stick to this procedure.

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Roy wrote:
..Has anyone else had a duff Verbatim BD disc.

I had a 50 spindle of Verbatim DVD-Rs giving bother, totalblank media replaced then and so far so good.

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