Video Conferencing

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Tom Clark
Joined: Apr 17 1999

The Feb 1999 issue included the first part of Video Conferencing: when shall we see Part 2 - Making it work?

In the meantime I would like to know the procedure for logging onto which you say will give improved speed and quality. My friend and I are having sufficient success to now fine tune our weekly contact and use the other features which Netmeeting offers but are finding it difficult to progress. Can you recommend an instruction guide failing the early completion of your guide on this subject.

Thank you for your mag. which I find most instructive and I am getting well versed in non-linear video editing with your helpful articles. I am using Matrox Marvel G200.

Joined: Mar 7 1999

Part 2 is in the (recently completed) May issue which should be on sale in the UK nationwide by the last Thursday of this month.

I'll pass on your queries to the author and get back to you.

Bob C