WD Raptor Performance

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Deisel Weisel
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Would there be a significant performance advantage using Raptors instead of Samsung Spinpoints or Hitachi HK250's?

If I could only afford one Raptor and one 7,200 drive, would I be better having the Raptor as programs drive or storage drive?

(btw, 74gb is plenty for me for file storage - I just do short projects)

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I`m sure someone will be along shortly who can answer your first question.

As for the second...assuming your 7,200rpm are functioning as they should, then under most circumstances you`d see little performance increase by using a Raptor as a storage drive. Most modern HDD`s are easily capable of sustaining multiple streams of DV data to & from the drive.
My 7,200rpm, 8meg cached video drives are Raided, but if i was honest i doubt this offers any real world gain - i`m probably just increasing my chances of a massive data loss. Unraided these drives would be plenty fast enough - many editors use regular flavour 5,400rpm drives & swear by `em.

Using the Raptor as your system drive however, could speed everything up considerably. Allowing your O/S & App`s even quicker access to data on that drive should show a noticeable increase in speed. Not all your programs will be able to take advantage of all that speed, but some just can`t read/write their data fast enough - including most NLE apps -they`ll benefit hugely.

Envious regards, josjac