Western Digital drive recall

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Full details at


I posted this to help those who have drives that fail, I don't know any other details.


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This is from Western Digital's Web site
at: http://www.westerndigital.com/fitness/drive-alert.html

Bob C

Hard Drive Quality Alert -- WD Caviar


Updated October 13, 1999
During extensive quality testing procedures, Western Digital has identified a hardware issue that affects a very specific group of WD Caviar 5400 RPM EIDE hard drives. This issue could cause the hard drives to fail to power-up after six to 12 months of full-time use. This is a hardware issue and is completely unrelated to Year 2000 (Y2K) compliance. The affected drives were manufactured between August 27, 1999 and September 24, 1999 and range in capacity from 6.4 GB to 20.5 GB. None of Western Digital's WD Expert, WD Enterprise, and WD Performer hard drives are affected.

As part of our ongoing commitment to quality, we are providing both a downloadable drive utility and alternatively, an online serial number screening utility that identifies the affected WD Caviar hard drives. Even though this issue affects a small number of WD Caviar drives, we highly recommend that you test your drive using one of these utilities. Please review the affected model number list below prior to running either utility.

Drive testing procedures and utility for PC-compatibles.

Drive serial number screening utility.

Affected Model Numbers:

WD68AA (6.8 GB)
WD100AA (10.0 GB)
WD102AA-XXAAAX (10.2 GB)
WD135AA (13.5 GB)
WD136AA (13.6 GB)
WD170AA (17.0 GB)
WD172AA (17.2 GB)
WD200AA (20.0 GB)
WD205AA (20.5 GB)
Retail Packaged WD Caviar Affected Model Numbers:

WD68AARTL (6.8 GB)
10100RTL (10.1 GB)
13000RTL (13.0 GB)
20400RTL (20.4 GB)
There is no need to test any model other than those listed above.

Contact Western Digital Technical Support at the following numbers if your drive is identified as an affected drive.

USA: 1-800-357-1374
(901) 381- 3512
Monday-Friday 9 am - 6 PM Central Standard Time
Europe: 31 20 446-7651
Monday-Thursday 9:30 am - 12 noon, 1 PM - 5:30 Central European Time
Friday 9:30 am - 12 noon, 1 PM - 4:00 Central European Time
Hong Kong: 011-852-2736-5123
Japan: 011-813-3-299-1650
S. E. Asia (Singapore): 011-65-441-9989
Taiwan: 011-886-2-717-4775, 011-886-2-717-4776

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