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Moved from non-linear on account of, this isn't a non-linear topic and is to do with hard disks!! Doh!

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Author Topic: Which drive for Media Studio ?
Member posted 26 July 1999 22:16
I am sure that I have read a similar thread and apologise if there is some repetition. I have a free copy of Media Studio VE given with my Matrox G200 card and would like to know if it works better when loaded on my main boot drive (c or should I load it to my new 25GB D: drive ? All comments will be gratefully received.

Member posted 27 July 1999 13:30
I've got my MSP installed onto my C drive and it works fine. It's worth noting that all my MSP temp directories point to my D (Video) drive.
So install MSP to C and point you temps to D and you should be OK.



Contributor posted 27 July 1999 20:43
It is best to have your operating software on your "boot" drive, usually designated C, and keep your AV drive for just that, audio/ video.
Are you not running a non-linear system as opposed to linear?

Member posted 30 July 1999 13:48
Thanks to Frood and JohnC for the quick responses. I will change my setup as suggested.

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I would very definately NOT have MS on your system drive. Anytime windows decides to do something (& therefore use the HDD that you have MS on) while you're rendering a file could give you a 'jump' in the finished video file. Keep all your video editing stuff; captures, sounds, pics, on their own seperate drive.