Which Hard drive?

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Getting an external hard drive for DV capture for my Apple G4. I've seen a lacie 320gb with 2mb buffer priced at £184 or a 250gb with 8mb buffer priced at £159. I can't find a 320gb with an 8mb buffer.

So should I go for the 250gb with 8mb buffer or for an extra £20 get 70gb more but only a 2mb buffer?

Hope that made sense?

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I use one of these WD 250GB 8MB drives at £115 inc VAT paired up with a cheapo FireWire case I bought off eBay for £25. (Make sure you get one that works with 250GB drives, though.)

Much cheaper combination - works fine for me for DV capture with both one of the first G4 (1x450MHz) G4s and one of the last G4s (2x1.42GHz).

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