Why component out on the FX1 ?

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Michael Wade
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Could someone explain why the Sony HDV-FX1 - a consumer camcorder - has component out ? Who is likely to benefit from this feature ? Could it be utilised by the generality of prosumers or even by a minority, if so how, and to what end...?

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Other than the DV/HDV socket its the only other way to get 1080i/HD video out of the camera. If you plugged the component into a LCD or Plasma TV that is capable of displaying HD then this is what you see.
The Composite output will only ever give you a down converted 625i/SD output.

Be silly not to include a component output on a camera like this.


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Alan Roberts
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S'right, the component output is at HDTV rates, composite and S-video are downconverted. Virtually all plasma and lcd displays have analogue component inputs, so this is the way to see your footage withgout going through NLE.

In the US, Japan, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Korea..., the countries that have HDTV broadcast up and running, any sensibly sized display will have analogue component inputs.

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