Yet More Phishing Scams

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Barry Hunter
Joined: Nov 30 2001
Even though I`m the proud owner of a Gerryatric fax machine I recieved an email today saying I`d recieved 3 pages of faxes & to "Click here" I don`t think so! Anybody else had these?
Fax Message [Caller-ID: 545-778-5538]
You have received a 3 pages fax at 2013-08-08 03:33:33 CST.
* The reference number for this fax is latf1_did11-1708755957-7508057069-48.
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Barry Hunter

Gavin Gration
Joined: Jul 29 1999
Re: Yet More Phishing Scams
Similar Voda and O2 voicemail scams are also rife "You have received a voicemail" etc.
A recent email I found incredible was from PayPal offering a Sweepstake for completing a survey - It was actually GENUINE. 
In their position you would think that they would NOT entertain such nonsense. This now opens another door for the scammers to replicate the email with their own payload.
Absolute Twonks (being polite).